Saturday, July 5, 2014

Digi Pages, That's What I Call Them!

Hi Everyone,
I have a few days off for the July 4th holiday so I am happy to say I was able to get into the craftspace for a bit.  The room is filled with all kinds of new and awesome Stampin' Up supplies and I have been enjoying playing with all of them.  SU has just added  "Project Life" to their line and as I was browsing the catalog I kept going back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to jump on the Project Life band wagon.  After much "I think I will" - "I think I won't" I settled on "I think I won't".  Truth be told it was hard to decide.  What brought me to my answer was  looking at all my "digi" pages that I make using my Serif CraftArtist 2.  I love making pages, flip books and such with CAP2 and have shown pages here on the blog in the past.  I just never thought to try to give a Project Life feel to a page.  I went on line and saw many PL templates for digital formats for sale and for free as well. I also could see it would be easy to create my own template using CAP2.  Now I just had to decide what size I wanted to work with.  This was a bit of a challenge as I have been stuck in 8-1/2 X 11 landscape mode for years.  I just like the way it looks.  So to help me move out of my comfort zone I created 2 pages, one 8-1/2X11 and the other 12X12. I was hoping that seeing them side by side would lead me to a clear choice.  Here is the 8-1/2 X 11 (my awesome little Rue):
and here is my 12X12(my beautiful and talented niece):
Once I finished and had a look at them I found that I didn't really like either of them.  It's the BOXES! I have seen a lot of PL pages both real albums and digital and they were beautiful but this format is not for me. Yes it was simplified and the dragging and dropping of pictures into little boxes was easy peasy but to me the template took away my creative flair.  Here are two Halloween digi pages that I made and have posted before:
ahh, much better!  We should always give new things a try because you never know when you are going to fall in love with a new craft or style.  In this case I am staying on my digi page train and leaving the Project Life band wagon behind.  I am glad that there are so many options for preserving our memories and our lives because what works for each of us is different. So however you scrap is the right way.
Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend and thanks for stopping by,
I just have to add last years Halloween digi page!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stampin Up RGB Codes

Hi Everyone,
Now that things are settled down and summer is in full swing I can get back into the craftroom with a lighter heart.  I still am in the throws of the bedroom makeover but sometimes it is good to walk away for a moment to regroup thoughts.  I joined SU as a hobby demonstrator back in March.  I had no intent to sell, I just wanted to build my SU collection.  I love all that I have purchased and have a goal to stay with it for one year. Being that I don't sell the $$ commitment is big.  $300.00 a quarter, so I have sworn off the likes of AC Moore, Joann's & Michaels so that all my crafty $'s for this year will be spent with Stampin Up.  Now you all know I am more of a digital gal than a rubber stamper and my heart really belongs to Serif CraftArtist 2.  I love to make my own designer series papers and I like digi stamps more than rubber stamps. SU's My Digital Studio is fine but I love my CAP2 so I was happy that when I purchase digital files from SU they are all available for any other software package you use.  So if your a Coral fan or a PhotoShop fan etc... your good to go.  I needed a quick reference guide for the SU RGB Codes.  There were a lot available all over the internet but I wanted one that was on one sheet so that I could hang it by my computer for fast and easy reference. So I made one and thought others might have a use for it as well.  Here is a picture of the page:
  I have a .pdf file available here:
I left a blank block for next years In Colors because we all know how fast the year goes.  I reviewed and checked the page over and over so I am pretty sure I got it right.  The codes are direct from my MDS software.  If by chance someone catches a mistake please let me know so that I can fix it. Here is a quick idea for you.  I love to print tone on tone when I need a piece of coordinating paper.  So I will say create a page of small hearts in Real Red and then print them on Real Red cardstock.  You will be pleased with the tone on tone effect. Hope you enjoy this file and before I go I want to give a shout out to my precious Granddaughter Rory for a job well done as she leaves elementary school and moves up to middle school - Here's to you, Rueski Rue, I sure do LOVE YOU!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Sad Good Bye to My Friend Greystone

Hi Everyone,
There is sadness at our home today as we said good bye to our cat Greystone. The last few weeks have been hard but I could not let today end with out posting a picture of our Grey.  He has been with us for 17 years. We had adopted him from a rescue shelter. He brought more love, laughs and happiness to our family than words could say.  So here is to you my friend Greystone. I will miss you deeply and I will always hold you in my heart.

Thank you Grey for so many great memories!

Monday, May 26, 2014

No Time To Post - It's Pool Season!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick shout out to all! The pool is open and I have been happily swimming and sunning.  My favorite time of year for sure.  The whole living room, dinning room and kitchen are dec'd out in the summer patriotic red, white and blue. So I am one happy girl!  I did have time to craft this little card in a box to give to my friend Nadine in honor of her 30 years on the job! WOW 30 years, that's twice as long as I have been on the job.  Here is a picture of the card I made:

I just loved making the die cuts.  This time I used my brother scan n cut to cut out most of the stamped images (which by the way are digi stamps).  I also used some Stampin' Up punches.  I printed the stamp images and the DSP I made in CA2 in the SU color Perfect Plum and Blackberry Bliss.  The base cardstock is the new In Color Blackberry Bliss.  I just love the colors. I am already planning my next card in a box. I think it will be a red, white and blue patriotic one.  Enjoy the last day of the Memorial Day Weekend.  It's time to hit the sunshine!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Teacher's Apples

Hi Everyone,
WOW, I have been busy with no time to sit down at the computer to post. Today is Mother's Day so before the company arrives for brunch I thought I would enjoy a few minutes to myself and post a picture of this years Teacher Appreciation apples that Rory took to school this past week.  They came out great:
I love these sliceform apples.  I made these using Stampin Up cardstock.  The colors are Cherry Cobbler, Always Artichoke and Chocolate Chip.  Each apple holds 10 wrapped Hershey nuggets.  You can easily pull a candy out from the corner side.  Here is a picture of the apples wrapped and ready to go:
The tag is made with the new SU scallop tag punch that I love so much.  You can make the tag any length that you need. The bow is SU burlap ribbon that I shredded, gee I love that stuff.  I signed on as a hobby demonstrator back in March and you can see I have been enjoying my discount.  All the teachers loved their apples.  I have been making them for years and they are always well received.  
I am off to get ready for company. We are having Brunch here today and I can't wait to see the family and spend some time with everyone. Wishing all the Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter 2014 Lindt Bunnies

Hi Everyone,
It is SPRING!!! Spring has finally sprung after an oh so long and snowy winter.  I am sitting in the craftroom with the windows wide open with all that wonderful spring air pouring in. Now as always along with spring comes my all time favorite crafty good candy bunny! You know those little cute Lindt bunnies. I use them every year as the favor on our Easter dinner table. I even try to make enough to bring to work so that everyone can get a little treat too.  This year I decided to challenge myself by making a holder using Stampin' Up supplies. I am with SU as a hobby demonstrator so I wanted to stretch a bit and not use my digital cutting machine.  I had purchased the scallop tag topper punch and wanted to use it, and it worked perfectly for this years holder.  Here is a picture:
Aren't they adorable? They went together quick and easy too. I just cut a strip of paper 7 1/4 inches long by 2 inches wide. (IMPORTANT Score before you punch) With the 7 1/4 inch side at the top of the score board, score at 2 3/4 - 3 3/4 - 4 1/2 - 5 1/4
Punch each end with the scallop tag topper punch
Center a 1 1/4 inch scallop circle punch over the 4 1/2 inch score line and punch out the circle. That's it! Feed the bunny into the circle cutout. Use the photo above as a folding guide and glue the tops together. Decorate as desired.
I hope you give this little holder a try because it really is a cutie.  Here is a close up:
 Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our Easter Banner

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick pit stop to the blog to post a picture of the Easter banner Rory and I made last weekend.  Every time Rory comes to play in the craftroom something crafty good happens.  I just love when we are getting our craft on together. We started by looking at pictures on Pinterest of Easter banners and Rory fell in love with one that used carrot shapes. Once we had decided that was our inspiration everything fell into place easy peasy.  Once I grabbed some cut files from my digital stash we were off and running. The Zing and MTC made quick work for cutting out our shapes.  Here is a picture of everything lined up:
Right before we started to assemble the banner, Rory took the time to ink the edges of everything.  What a difference the shadowing makes.  It really brings things to life. I always like to grab a few pictures of her working.
Once the inking was all done we ran the cuts through the Xyron.  It is our favorite adhesive as you may know.  We used glue dots to attach the green carrot tops in between the front and back layer of the carrot. The letters are popped up with pop dots to add a bit of dimension. We chose a natural raffia for stringing the banner together and here is how it came out:
 Wow, it looks like we our ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny! We had a blast making this.  I have to say that we do well working together.  I like that we started by using the computer to plan our project.  I like seeing Rory working with MTC software.  Once laid out on the mat you can really get a sense of size and the look of the complete project.  I like that Rory is able to get a feel and understanding of vector plotting.  I see these as skills that may come in handy someday.  You know I want a 3-D printer and if we ever get one I know she will be able to use it.  I like that we move from technology to a handcraft.  It is a great experience to bring a flat piece of paper to life.  I think Rory can see it is important to use all the resources available to get to a final product.   I hope you all like our banner and stop back soon as I hope to get a handle on the 25 little Lindt bunnies I bought. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting,

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Card In A Box File

Hi Everyone,
Finally a moment to sit down a blog!  We are so busy with family things and work that other things are falling to the wayside.  I just could not let the month of March end without getting a post up.  Here it is! I just love all the "Cards In A Box" that are all over the internet.  Pinterest has page after page of them. I made a digi file for one so that I could make it my own.  Here is a picture of the file:
So Cute!!!! Here is a close up of the card you see above:
I want to make a Halloween themed one next!
Here is the link to the .PDF file:
For my MTC peeps the file is at this link:
I hope you give this card file a try.  I like mine because the top fold over is smaller that the bottom.  Most are equal in size but I think the smaller top makes the card more interesting.  Please leave me some bloggy love by way of a comment if you like the file. Feel free to use and share the file but do try to link back to me.
Have a great day and check back as I am hoping to start getting some Easter goodness going.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crafty Goodness, The Hubs Strikes Again!

Hi Everyone,
Oh wow how weeks do pass! We have all been busy around here watching winter slowly turn to spring.  I must say today is beautiful here in Jersey. The sun is shining, the windows are open and I can hear the high school marching band practicing for tomorrows St. Pat's parade. I thought I would pit stop my blog to show you some pics of the cabinet the Hubs has made me for my ink storage.  He sure is a wiz these days with wood.  I asked if he could copy the ink storage system that is made by Stamp-n-Storage.  I showed him a picture and asked if he could change it up to be taller and narrow to fit the space where my current ink caddy is.  I knew I wanted it to hold a future Stampin' Up collection that I plan to purchase so I asked for 3 columns of 20, thinking that I could work with a total of 60.  I was amazed how great it came out.  Here are some pics I took along the way:
 WOW! he did an awesome job, it looks great and then I told him I wanted it painted black. Really I drive the dude crazy.  I love my SU ink and I mostly use re-inkers as I am not a huge rubber stamper and mostly use ink with sponges to highlight.  I told the Hubs that it would cost $1,000.00 to fill that cabinet with the pad, marker and re-inker. Well, let's just say I won't be placing that order any time soon. In the meantime I painted the cabinet black and hung it on the wall in the craftspace and it looks awesome!! Here is a pic and as you can see it is completely filled just waiting for me to collect more ink!
 I love how the shelves can be moved around. I made 1 box to replace 2 shelves in the first column so a my SU re-inkers are there.  I figure as I buy new pads, re-inkers and markers to complete my SU color collection I can use the shelf for all my other ink pads.  I love this shelf and a huge shout out to the Hubs (Paul) for a great job.  Hope you all are having a great weekend and thanks for stopping by,

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Monster Hugs, LOVE 'Em! and a Shout Out to Stampin' Up's Angie Juda

Hi Everyone,
Wow, look at me posting on a Monday.  I had such a great crafty weekend with team Nonna & Rory that I could not wait to get home from work today to post some pictures.  Not only was I working on my Valentine's for the work peeps I also helped Rory with her Valentine's for school.  I had showed Rory Stampin' Up Monster Hugs and she thought they were so cute that she wanted to make them.  After ordering them they arrived in no time at all and were even cuter in real life than in the picture.  Now for many reasons our public school system likes a healthier style snack in lieu of chocolate or something sweet.  They even send a list home.  Most people step outside of the list but, hey who am I to break rules at my age!  We like to use pretzels for valentines.  So we came up with an awesome way to use our Monster Hugs with a box of pretzel sticks. We had a lot to make and Rory was off on an over-night so I thought it would be best to prep all the parts for her so that she could focus on assembly when she got home on Sunday.  It worked out perfect.  Here is a picture of the kit re-make I set up for Rory:
 What I added to the SU kit was a 2 inch by 9 inch strip of crumb cake cardstock that I hand stamped tone on tone with crumb cake ink.  I cut the arrows with my KnK Zing out of Midnight Muse cardstock for the boys and Calypso Coral for the girls.  I used CAP2 to make and print the tags. I also used CAP2 to print the paper for the belly bands and small hearts for the hands.  The belly bands are 3/4 " wide by 6 1/5 inches long.
So when Rory got home we set out to complete all of her Valentine's for school as I have a super busy work week this week and I was thinking if we did not get them done it might be a problem.  Here are some pictures of Rory along the way and our completed Valentine's. Rory did an awesome job!

And the final crafty good haul:
I have to tell you that this project is a favorite of mine.  I am a huge Stampin 'Up fan and even with my little bump up this kit was cost effective and made for a wonderful experience to share with my Granddaughter.  My demonstrator is Angie Kennedy Juda and her blog link is here:
She always has a fresh idea and something fun going on.  Please visit her if you are thinking of purchasing any Stampin' Up product.  I have never met her but have been a fan for years and purchase all my SU through her.  She is AWESOME!!! So SHOUT OUT to Angie, I just can't thank you enough for all your fantastic ideas! We should get together someday so I can teach you to love that Silhouette cutter you have!!
Have a great week Everyone and a Happy, Happy Valentine's Day,

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Itty Bitty Valentine Bread Tag Box

Hi Everyone,
Oh my, I am still obsessed with the bread tag shape.  I just had to make one more little treat box for Valentine's Day 2014.  I think I will make these for my February Board meeting.  They will hold two Dove hearts just perfectly.  Here is a picture of the file:
For those of you who like a pdf file you can download it from this link here:

and for all the MTC peeps, use this link for the file (I also posted it on the forum)

I hope you like this little cutie, I even made a double sided version and will try to post the file at some point.  I made the heart paper in CA2 using Stampin Up digis. I even created the box in CA2. (It really has become my go to software) I used MTC and my ZING to cut the box.
Wishing you all a happy, crafty weekend.  And if you are watching the Superbowl tomorrow I hope your favorite team wins. Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Day Fun

Hi Everyone,
Thanks to Mother Nature we had a snow day this week.  What a fun day Rory and I had crafting some goodies for Valentine's Day.  Now I usually don't put out a lot of decorations for Valentine's or St. Pat's as we do up Halloween and Christmas so big in this house.  I am always looking for a bit of a break before Easter.  Rory has been asking to make a banner, and I thought this was a great opportunity to make one. Mostly because I was thinking if I said no, Rory might suggest we bundle up and go outside to build a snowman.  Not that I have anything against snowmen but it was about 7 degrees outside!  I decided that the banner would be all Rory's ideas.  I let her pick all the paper and shapes.  She even picked the words and did all the assemble too.  Banners are so quick and easy with a digital cutter. We used my ZING and MTC to cut all the pieces.  Rory used the Xyron for all the adhesive.  She loves the Xyron!  Here is a picture of Rory hard at work:

 Here is a picture of the banner once it was completed:
What a great job Rory did.  I keep saying "Rory, your banner is awesome"! and she keeps correcting me saying "OUR banner is awesome"  We had so much fun and just wanted to keep going so we made a few extra paper hearts for the metal Hallmark tree. Here is a picture of that:
I love when Rory comes to play in my craftroom.  I really can see it is just more than quality time with each other.  She is really learning things.  As we were making the banner we discussed color and used math skills for measuring.  We used computer software to created the digital file.  Rory did all the assembly and took time to center the layers.  I let Rory have complete control decorating the mantle so we talked about a center focal point and height balance.  We made that huge red bow out of paper twist (an old time favorite of mine) so she got to untwist the skinny paper rope into wide ribbon and use my old wood bow maker to tie the loops into a bow.  We even took leftover red candy canes and melted them into hearts (235 degree oven for 5 minutes, on parchment paper).  The living room looks very festive and we both agreed it was a job well done.  I hear more snow is on the way next week so maybe, just maybe we will be able to spend more time together getting our CRAFT ON!
Thanks for visiting and have a crafty weekend,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Bread Tag Box

Hi Everyone,
I am so happy to be back posting and I have a cute little box to share for this Valentine's Day.  I went back and forth with what kind of candy to use.  I almost feel weird using nuggets instead of hearts, but at work chocolate hearts are already all over the place.  So in my attempt to be different I went the route of my favorite Hershey Nugget!  I need to make so many of these and I started out with a 4 piece box.  Once I did the math on the price I reduced it to a 2 piece box.  Not that I am a cheapo, but I will most likely be making about 40 of these and to me a 2 piece box just seemed to be a bit more romantic.  So with that said here is a picture of the file:
Here is another picture of the favors:

Such a cutie! I bet a couple of bite size kit kats or some kisses would be perfect in there as well.   I designed this file in CAP2 and did all my cutting with my ZING using MTC.  I just love using CAP2 to design. It really is an amazing and broad software.  Remember there is a free download available at the daisytrail website if you want to check it out.
Here is a link to the PDF file on mediafire:

For my MTC friends the file is here:

I hope you all like this little Nugget holder and leave me a comment if you do.  I hope to get back to posting on a more frequent basis but as you all know life has a way of changing our plans.
Thanks for visiting

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ahhh, The Warm Glow Of Christmas!

Hi Everyone,
Yet another addiction of mine is flameless candles.  It's true I have them in every room in the house. I buy CandleImpressions brand and they all have timers so by the time I arrive home from work the whole house is glowing. I also buy them for Christmas hostess gifts each year. I buy them from QVC and when the candles are shipped they arrive in cardboard shipping boxes so I always try to re-package them in a pretty way.  This year I bought sets of 5 little white glittered trees. They are pricey but I really like giving them so I make sure that I budget for them in my holiday expenses. Here is a picture I grabbed from the QVC website of the little candles:
They are so sweet and they have a lot of glitter on them.  During the day when they are not glowing they just look pretty sitting on the table.  I wanted to break up the sets so that I would be able to make a number of gifts out of the 3 sets that I bought.  Some peeps are getting 1,  some 2, and some are getting 3 of the little trees. When they first arrived I wasn't sure how to package them but I did remember that I had bought some nice boxes from Stampin' Up that had a clear plastic sliding sleeve top.  I think they designed this box to hold cookies.  Here is a picture from the SU website of the boxes:
I loved the box but of course the candles were to tall to fit.  Not a problem as with a bit of a crafty good remake I was able to use the box.  Here are some pictures of how they came out:

So here is what I did, I cut the box down to just under 2 inches with a decorative edge so it would be below the widest part of the tree, I made a belly band with the same edge using some K&Co. paper that I had in my stash. I cut one side of the plastic sleeve cover off so that it fits to the inside of the box and rests just on the top of the tree. All the parts are inked up with SU crumb cake ink. The tag was made in CA2 and punched with the SU bracket label punch.  I used my SnC to make the shadow shape for the punch.  I get my raffia ribbon at Joann's.  I just love craft and hunter green as Christmas color combos.  I think they all look so pretty sitting on the table waiting for me to grab one when I need a little gift to bring to someone. Now I have to get the favors for the work peeps done and I am running out of time!!  Enjoy this last weekend before Christmas and I hope you all are done with the shopping and enjoying the fun side of the season. Thanks for visiting,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reindeer Food 2013

Hi Everyone,
Christmas is starting to come together here in our house.  I was able to get to some gift buying and that always helps to get my spirit flowing. Every year I make a check list of the things I need and want to do during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It's funny how I put the word "annual" in front of so many of the things.  Like "annual" Target run, "annual" mall trip, "annual" Joann's run, etc. but my most favorite on the list is "annual" Reindeer food!  Every year Rory and I make reindeer food.  It is our tradition.  This years batch came out great and I will say Rory now has more creative control than ever.  I really think this is a craft she will bring to her own family years from now.  We have a great time each year planning the project.  We have a special tin where we keep our supplies that we use.  I just love it.  Here are our pictures of this years batch:
  I have so much going on in the craftspace that we needed to use the ironing board as an extra table top.  Rory used the Xyron to make stickers for the tag.  I call my Xyron vintage because I think I have had it for more than 10 years. It never lets me down.
Rory is getting better at the layout and by next year maybe the rows will be closer together for less waste.
She did an awesome job attaching the graphic to the tag shapes.  She is getting a better hand for centering things.  Practice does make perfect just like our Mom's told us!
Mixing up the ingredients is the most fun of all.  I think its the colors of the sugar that makes us smile.
 Once the containers are filled it is back up to the craftspace for a belly band and tag attachment.  I added the belly band and Rory tied the tags on.  The backside of the tag has the standard Reindeer Food poem.  Notice our ingredient list on the bottom.  Our Reindeer food contains no GLITTER and is non toxic.  Every year I beg people not to use glitter in their food.  No animal, person or the environment likes glitter in Reindeer food!!!
 And there they are happily on our reindeer by the front door just waiting for friends to take one as they leave after a play date.  I love when I hear Rory say to someone as they are leaving "Oh, I made some reindeer food, Please take one"  Don't they look great?!
Today is "annual" card day so I am off to get the Christmas cards done and out in the mail for Monday.  Thanks for visiting and wishing you all a crafty good weekend,