Saturday, June 6, 2015

Big News about A Big Day!

Hi Everyone,
I can't believe that  I lost touch with my blog for a whole month.  This seems to happen every spring as I take on spring cleaning, room decor switch and pool opening. Now that I have things somewhat in order I am back in the craftroom and ready to go.  My big news about a big day is that my Daughter and her fiance Leon have set a wedding date. Booked the Church and the venue as well.  I have signed on to assist with some crafty goodness.  We have plenty of time but we have started getting some things together.  The invitation mock up is done.  The colors are still in the air until we get out to the stores or online for paper samples.  Looks like Black, White and Stampin Up's Cherry Cobbler are in the lead.  The Cherry Cobbler may be switched out for a merlot or burgundy. We just won't know till we sample some papers. I made a logo for them. Which now adorns the rear window of her car.  I cut it in vinyl and it looks great. Here is a pic:
So reflective you really can't see how nice it looks.  Here is a picture of the graphic:
I plan to make a rubber stamp and an embossing folder of the logo.  The double hearts are an Inkadinkadoo stamp that is still available for purchase.  I will buy that as well.  The font is chaucer and is the same as my blog header.  It has been a favorite of mine for years. I made this logo using CAP2 and cut the vinyl using SCAL4 and my KnK ZING. Sam really likes the logo and I think we will switch it up here and there keeping the linked hearts as a running theme.  Well that's about it for now. I will keep you all posted on the wedding crafts as they appear on my craft desk.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend,

Saturday, April 18, 2015

This Week In Bracelets

Hi Everyone,
Spring really never sprung but it is surely summer here in Jersey today.  It is almost 80 degrees outside.  I am wishing the pool was open! I have been busy getting started on the summer decor around the house so that once it is time to get outside for power washing and pool opening I will be ready.  In the meantime the craft room has been buzzing as well. I have been making bracelets per requests.  I have been totally enjoying it as I really feel I am creating a one of kind piece for someone.  I am no kind of jewelry designer but I am one crafty good girl!  When this whole bracelet thing started I wanted to figure out a way to make my charm bracelets my own, meaning I wanted the bracelets I was making to be different from what one might buy at a local craft fair.  Starting off I know these bracelets are not high quality jewelry  but the fun trendy jewelry we wear for a season or so.  Back at Christmas when Rory and I started making the charm bracelets I made sure that the bracelet blanks we purchased were lead and nickel free.  So important!!!  I had settled on copper core bracelet that were plated in sterling silver. I liked the color much better than stainless steel. I have been wearing many of the bracelets that I made since the Christmas season.  You can clearly see that the copper starts to show after about 2 months of wear.  I am pretty hard on jewelry so another may get 3 months before seeing the silver plate start to wear.  Funny thing is that I liked the bracelet just as much even after the copper started to show. Someone else might not feel that way so now when I sell a bracelet I show the person the one I am wearing and let them decide if they still want to buy the bracelet. The second thing I tried to do was to create a "signature" for the bracelets.  Right from the beginning every bracelet had the following charms in addition to the "themed" charms. First the angel  My thought is that we all need an angel close by. Second is the 2 silver teardrops.  Water is the life force that goes back to everything.  Every bracelet I have made so far I can theme back to water.  I have made the following:
snowflake/snowman: snow comes from the raindrop
seashell/beach: the ocean water
runner bracelet: beads of sweat from the labor of the run
memorial bracelet: the tears at the loss of a loved one
gardening bracelet: the water needed to grow
generally speaking we can always have tears of joy, I see a new baby bracelet, wedding, etc. 
I could go on and on . . . .
The third charm that is on every bracelet is a "made with love" tag that is shaped like an envelope. You can buy this charm anywhere.  I like it because I want the person to know that I really did love making the bracelet.
The fourth item on each bracelet is a their initial hand stamped on a sterling silver metal tag. This is how they know I made it for them.  I have enjoyed learning metal stamping.  It is fun and noisy too!
The other thing I decided was the package needed to be specific to the bracelet.  I either made a graphic or used themed cardstock for the box. It makes a huge difference when I bring the person the bracelet. Plus it keeps me using all my papercrafting supplies. I really have loved making all these bracelets and I find I am using charms for all kinds of things.  I have added them to cards, made wine charms for glasses, added them to dress up candles.  Simply put, I just love playing with them.  Here are a few pics from this week:
Made 2 like runner bracelets - You go girls run like the wind!
Made 4 like memorial bracelet -RIP Leon G.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the weather.  I really think we are done with WINTER!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Lindt Easter Bunnies, I LOVE 'EM!!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick pit stop to show off this years Easter table favors for Sunday.  I have been so busy I didn't think I would get to it.  But, with those cute little bunnies starring at me I had no choice but to stop what I was doing and make them up for Easter Sunday dinner. Here is a picture of how they came out:
 So cute, all I did was use my ZING to cut a four petal shape.  I just folded each petal up and tied around the square to create a box. I curled the paper around pen to create a petal look.  The shape looks like this:
I didn't even need to score the fold lines! The paper is K&Co. and it folded and curled perfectly.  I made the tag markers in CA2 and used my Brother SnC to cut them out.  They came together so quick and easy this morning that I can move on to making my cheesecake! Here is one last pic:
Wishing you all a Happy Easter,

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kumihimo! Yes To A New Love!

Hi Crafty Peeps,
KUMIHIMO, How ever did I miss the onset of this crafty goodness?  Just a quick post to say WOWZER, I love to braid!!  I had shown the little one (Rory) a video by the "Frugal Crafter" (here is the link)
and I watched as her eyes widen. Perfect I thought for this summer.  Let's get braiding.  Now I am not FRUGAL in any sense of the word so even after watching numerous vids on how to make a braiding disk, I of course went out an bought not 1, not 2, but 3 disks so that all the girly girls in the HOUSE could get their BRAID on.  Here is my first pic of my set up with the disk.  A basic spiral thanks to the frugalcrafter!!
Now mind you I should be in Easter mode as we are here in the end of March but I just happen to have yards of orange and black 2mm satin rat-tail in my crafty stash (You go Lysa, Save Everything!! Atta Girl!!) Super easy and super quick I love me some KUMIHIMO!! This my friends will be the beginning of a new love affair with fibers, beads, and all kinds of crafty goodness. Shout out of THANKS to Lindsay over at her blog
because I now know my summer will be spent well poolside and at the beach with an awesome craft that Me, My Daughter and Granddaughter will be enjoying this summer.  Here is a pic of my first finished bracelet. WOW Halloween in March.  Somebody please send me a Bunny!!
 See you next week and thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Busy In The Craftroom!!

Hi Everyone,
The weather here in Jersey is finally starting to break.  I still have my snowman collection on the mantle and was hoping to get them put away and all my Easter bunnies up this weekend but instead I hunkered down in the craftroom to play.  I completed 120 baby shower favors for one of the work peeps whose having a shower for her daughter. I have been making tons of bracelets too. First the favors: The shower theme is "Ahoy It's A Boy"  I had a lot of fun with this simple favor.  I used CraftArtist2 to print the tags and then cut them out with a Spellbinders label four die.  Each favor has 5 lifesaver candies that went into a plain candy bag from AC Moore.  The base of the topper is a 4X4 piece of cardstock, folded at the 2" mark.  I used a corner punch on the ends and a corner rounder on the top.  The label is popped up with SU stampin dimentionals.  Plain twine from the dollar store and an anchor punch to finish it off.  Simple and cost effective.  My friend from work saw a picture on Pinterest and they were super easy to duplicate.  Here are the pictures of them ready to go.
With the favors done and out of the way I could get back to some bracelet making.  I have been having a blast trying to use recycled products.  The first was the zipper bracelet.  I love, love, love this one.  I pulled the zipper out of an old pair of jeans.  I thought this would be a great summer bracelet and its patriotic too!  Here is a picture:
You can find instructions for these cuties all over the web.  I cut out the zippper and cut the binding as close to the zipper teeth as I could.  I sealed the binding along both sides with a lighter so that the binding will not fray.  I drilled a small hole right through the zipper bottom with my rotary tool.  I just added the clasp and some charms and called it done.
Then I wanted to make a bracelet for a friend who just got promoted to Court Administrator.  I picked up some law themed charms the last time I placed an order so I was ready to go when her promotion came through.  Here is a picture of the bracelet and the awesome box I made to put it in.
How cute is that? Here is the box:
She loved it!!!!
Then I got it in my head after seeing bracelets made out of guitar string online that I wanted to make one.  And don't you know the Hubs is a guitar player. Yup, he is and I have guitar strings all over the house.  So here is a picture of my first attempts:
 I made the Pink Floyd one for Samantha and I will be sporting the patriotic one this July.  I had a lot of fun with the guitar strings and will be making many more of them I am sure.
I have been complaining about my picture taking skills a lot lately so the Hubs went to the dollar store and for a grand total of $5.00 he made me a little portable photo booth.  Wow what a difference.  He bought 2 pieces of foamcore board, a sheet of white poster board, a roll of packing tape and a white plastic table cover.  He made 4 frames from the foamcore (3 sides and a top) He covered each frame with the white plastic and taped 3 side by side leave a little gap so they could fold up. He clipped the white poster board to the back with binder clips and rested the top in place.  I used my Ottlight for the lighting but plan to buy some clip on lights for each side.  It worked great and you can really see the difference in the last picture.  Oh yeah and I used a coupon at Michael's to get my hand.  At least you can see the bracelets now. And just to show one more picture, here is another summer bracelet:
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy whats left of the weekend,

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Charm Storage - Made by My Very Own Prince Charming!

Hi Everyone,
Snow is still falling here in Jersey, and I am DONE! I am not a winter person to start with and it just seems like it has snowed every weekend for the past 6 weeks.  While it is cold and not so inviting outside, here in the craftroom it is just charming. I have to say my charm stash has gotten a tad out of control and I figured I better get a handle on organizing these little cuties before I start buying things that I already have.  I liked the Darice bead storage jars from the starts and I had picked up a few to hold some scrapebooking embelishments awhile back. If you don't know what they are here is a picture:
24 little screw top containers that fit into a plastic case.  The lid of the case is not hinged so needless to say if you were to drop it all the containers would go flying. But I like them and I found them great for the charms when Rory and I were working on the bracelets during this past holiday season. I started to buy a lot of charms thinking of summer projects like the wine charms and the beachy bracelets. So back to the store for more containers I went.  True to form, like the craft hoarder I am, I was like a frenzied squirrel gathering nuts for winter. I don't know how it happened, it was like every time the family sat down to dinner I would sneak upstairs to the computer, get on ETSY and buy charms. Want to know how bad it is? Are you sure? OK, here it is, I have a charm of, of, (I can't) a dental chair! Yup, you know that silly reclining chair at the dentist's office, Yes I have a charm of it! OK, OK, so I have 4 of them . . . and I have toothbrushes and toothpaste and some cute little floss charms too! So wait, before you call the craft police I should mention that my Brother in Law is a dentist and I thought a set of dental themed wine charms might just be a cute gift to bring to the office the next time I go for a cleaning.  See I'm not so crazy, I just think ahead.  Now what I really wanted to tell you about is my awesome storage idea that the Hubster came up with.  I loved the trays and just needed a way for them to stack safely with no chance of falling.  So, my Prince built me a little shelving unit to match the awesome ink storage unit he made me last year.  Here are a few pics:
All that was left to do was paint it black to match the ink storage and figure a way to add a pull to the drawers.  Well I took care of that. I had looked at a few miniature draw pulls and liked a lot of them but all I kept thinking was the less I spend on the shelf the more I will have to spend on charms.  So here is what I did.  I drilled a small hold in the center of each tray and made a ribbon pull.  I locked each ribbon into place using some scrapbook eyelets (sweet, I love when I use something I already own) Here are some pics for the draw pulls:
I used a strip of white paper to find the center and  marked it with a sharpie marker.  I drilled the hole with my handy dandy drill master from Harbor Freight.
  It was easy and I didn't crack any of the trays.  Then I set an eyelet into the hole from the front and used a manual eyelet setter to lock it in place. Pictures? Why Yes, yes I do!:
I never thought I would use that manual eyelet setter ever again after getting my crop a dile. Good thing I am a hoarder and didn't get rid of it.(See, always prepared!!) Now to lock the ribbon in I made a knot in the ribbon and fed it through from the front to the inside of the tray. And ran a second eyelet from the inside to the front.  It looked like this:
Once in place I crimped the eyelet with a pair of needle nose pliers. It ended up looking like this after I trimmed the ribbon and sealed it with a quick pass of a lighter:
Once the trays were done it was ready to be filled and organized and now my awesome charm collection looks like this:

and it matches my ink storage too!
I am one happy camper thanks to my very own Prince Charming! Thanks Paul, you ROCK! Oh, I gotta go the peeps are heading out to shovel snow and I think I can get in one more charm order before the day ends! Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's For School 2015 - What To Do, What To Do!

Hi Friends,
One week before Valentine's Day and I haven't even thought of what I am bringing in for the work peeps. More important than that was what is Rory going to do for school.  Now that brings in a whole new question. New school, now Middle School, should I, should I not?  That was the question asked by the little one. Still young and wanting to make any occasion fun, but savvy enough to not want to appear a bit corny. Well, Nonna has the answer and here it is: "To thine own self be true, and be like all good Girl Scouts and be prepared." I suggested that we make a nice Valentine treat that would fit in her backpack.  She would be prepared and if she felt uncomfortable handing them out, well in the backpack they would stay.  No harm, No foul!  The best of both sides of a story if you ask me. Gee, I am getting wise as I push 60!  So we chose some Valentine's themed pencils from Walgreens and a Dove chocolate heart.  We chose a push pencil and Dove chocolate as perhaps they are just a bit more appealing to the "more mature audience" that we are making them for. No Monster High or Spiderman involved (It's the Dove chocolate heart that steps it up)! I really do think Middle School is on the tough side, but hey if you make it through you can most likely survive whatever life throws at you. So here are a few pics of this easy peasy favor that should please anyone. In fact I just may be making these for work as well.  After all who doesn't need a pencil?
I made the page of tags using CAP2 and we punched them out with the Stampin' Up heart punch.  I used my ZING and MTC to cut the shadow heart.  The cello bags are from Stampin' Up. The white rubber bands are Rainbow Loom.  I use those bands for all sorts of things!
Here they are in a vase by the front door until she takes them to school.  Let's hope not to many peeps stop by for a visit because who could resist saying "help yourself"!
So easy, all we did was bag up the pencil and trim the bag to about 1.5 inches above the top of the pencil. Grabbed a chocolate heart and wrapped it in a 5 inch square of white tulle and secured it to the pencil bag with a white rubber band. We punched a 1/8 inch hold in the tag and made an angle cut into the hole and stretched the rubber band to lock the tag on. They came out great. We made 16 in about 40 minutes or so.  Here is one more picture:
I hope Rory ends up passing these out but worst comes to worst we will have a few extra pencils in the house and some darn good chocolate too!
Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wine Charms! I'll Be Making Lots Of These!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick post before I have to hit the kitchen and start to get ready for "the BIG game" Yes, it is Superbowl and I should have been getting ready hours ago.  I am glued to the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel and while I have been up here in the craftspace all the others in the house have been getting ready for the game. So to be quick I want to tell you that I just can't stop buying charms, yup, they are rolling in for summer themed bracelets.  Now I have been buying most of the charms on etsy and loving all of them. Some I bought were just a bit to big for bracelets. I sit with a ruler by my side and still I just can't get a true handle on the size. I loved the look of this one crab that I bought but no way could he sit on a wrist. So enter the wine charm.  I also bought some sand dollars that were a bit big as well. I know I should be focused on Valentine's Day but I have been buying summer themed charms and as it happens we are going on a family reunion vacation this year at the Jersey Shore. With snow on the ground and all these awesome summer charms helping me to keep sunny thoughts I made quick work to make a favor to bring this summer. Not only that, I have so many friends with summer places at the shore that this will be an AWESOME little gifty to send them.  It took me about 5 minutes to make the wine charms and then about 5 hours to come up with the packaging.  So silly on my part, I had an idea in my mine and just could not bring it to light.  Here is a picture of the charms, so quick and easy with pre-made wine charm rings that I got from Bohemian Findings via ETSY(SHOUT OUT! I will post their link at the bottom) I had some blue and white beads in my stash from somewhere ???
  OMG.... the pic just does not show how great they look! But they do look fantastic . . . and now they need a package. I made myself some digi paper using Stampin Up Pacific Point and a some SU stamp graphics.  I did have a hard time deciding how to arrange them on cardstock.  In the end I used my We R MemoryKeepers Chinch to punch holes to hang the charms from.  Here is a pic of that action:
I cut the printed cardstock to 6.5 inches by 2.25 and the Cinch cut the holes perfectly.  I took a my SU paper snips and cut a slit on the angle into each hole.  This worked great to hold each charm in place. Now I needed a celo bag to bag them up. I saw the new "WeRMemoryKeepers" photo fuse tool and I thought why can't I just use a metal ruler and my Tulip rhinestone setter to make my bag? So I grabbed a scrapbook page protector and a metal ruler and it worked great.  I added a graphic topper and here is what you get:
How great does that look, but wait here is the back:
I love these little favors and like the label says, Shore to Please!! I used CraftArtist2 for all the printing and the cardstock is SU Pacific Point and Whisper White.  Here is the link to the ETSY shop for Bohemian Findings:
I love their stuff!!!!!! I just can't wait to order more charming fun!
I can't wait to give out these wine charms to my peeps, I think they are going to be a huge hit!
Enjoy the BIG GAME and hopefully I will be back soon with this years Valentine's favor
Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Charms, Charms, Charms! I Just Can't Get Enough!

Hi Everyone, (or anyone who is still pit stopping my neglected corner of the Web)
One small humble post over Christmas! How sad is that? Please know I have been crafting away every single spare moment I have.  I just can't seem to get back into posting.  I think it is because I am in a "gear shift" phase. I have become obsessed with charms and charm bracelets. Bad pictures and all, this post will show you just how obsessed I am.  With that said here we go: So the bracelets at Christmas went over so big that peeps were asking me "What's next?" and my first thought was a Valentine's Day bracelet and after careful thought and consideration I decided that the cost for a give-away for that holiday was just over my budget.  I soon realized that my next "big" time of year was summer.  I get into summer big! I love the beach and my pool.  I love 4th of July and all the patriotic themes and the whole red, white and blue. I decided that the first bracelet I was going to make was the "beach" theme bracelet.  I set off to ESTY on my quest to find beach themed charms that would be cost effective so that I could make a slue of bracelets to pass out to my peeps.  This time round I threw in some wine charm wires because I know a lot of people who just don't wear bracelets.  This way I could make a little some'in some'in for everyone. Now here is where I get a tad crazy obsessed . . . So I am on ETSY and I return to a favorite shop called Loretta's Beads.  Here is the link to her ETSY shop:
I just love her shop and have made multiple purchases from her.  She is located in California. Oh boy, did she ever save me at Christmas when I was making the music themed bracelets for the music teachers. Loretta had the best music note charms I could find! So of course with her great customer service and fast shipping I headed back to her shop for some beachy goodness.  Well right from the start I fell in love (that's love with a capital "L") with the open scallop shell #SC1909. 50 qty for $8.50.  OH BABY! that's a deal for sure! As soon as I saw them I knew I wanted them so without hesitation it was "add to cart"!!  They arrived fast.  Here is a picture of a few of them:
Are they not AWESOME!!!

So cute, right?  Yes, Yes they are perfect, but I knew I wanted more.(here is where the obsessed, she has to much time on her hands comes in) See the little silver ball that is the pearl.  Well, I thought lets get a real pearl in there. As it happens I had a broken bracelet of my Mom's in my crafty stash and I thought why not get out the ole Dremmel handpiece and get rid of the metal and add a real pearl.  By now you all realize this is a charm has a value of about 17 cents, but what the hay, I want to play with my craft supplies.  So I grabbed the E6000 glue, cleaned up the pearls from Mom's bracelet and there you have it . . . a real pearl in a .17 cent charm.  Here are some more pics:
Drilled out and ready for a pearl!!
Glued and ready to squeeze closed:
I squeezed carefully as to not snap the shell and it worked out perfectly. Here is a picture of the finished bracelet:

Now as you can see I can't take a picture to save my life, but I think you get the idea and the idea is when you spend your money on awesome craft supplies do your best to take it just one step further because that is what being crafty is all about.  Oh and check this out here is my other new crafty good mojo "Metal Stamping"  Yeah!, now all my bracelet include a tag with the recipients intials! Here is a pic:
Yup, this first beach bracelet is going to my daughter Samantha, simply because not only do I love her she is the best daughter EVER!!
Not all the charms on this bracelet came from Lorettas Beads but I highly recommend that if you are in need of bead she has the shop that can assist with all your needs.
Now I have to think of the perfect box for these bracelets.  Hope to be back soon with more bracelets to show you all.  Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Package For Bracelets, DONE!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick post to show off the way I packaged the bracelets.  I just love how they came out.  All that is left to do is for Rory to add the To - From tags. I decided that a pull up package would be perfect for the bracelets and I think the girly-girls will love it too! The graphic and paper is Stampin' Up and the pull up fold over was easy peasy. Here are the pics:
How Cute are they?? I Just love this awesome SU stamp set!  This fold over was so simple after scoring it I hand colored the stamps and they look awesome. I really think these bracelets will go over big, I have been wearing one for a few weeks now and I have gotten a lot of compliments. I see A.C. Moore and Joann's are now selling completed bracelets for $14.99.  I think Rory and I did a great job and brought them in for less.  I bought the charms at retail, mostly from Oriental Trading and Joann's and when I did the math the charms worked out to be just under $1.00 a charm. If you add the in the retail value of the bracelet, which is about $3.50 and the fact that there are 9 charms, the cost is $12.50. So in my book we made an awesome gift from the heart that was affordable and nicer looking than the $14.99 bracelet (because of the amount of charms) that was being sold at the craft store.  Our theme was snow and the theme carried through from the bracelet to the package.  I am so happy with the way this all turned out that I have made them for my work peeps as well.  I also now have a new addiction for charms.  I have already been buying Halloween themed charms for next year!  Hope you all are having a festive weekend.  Thanks for visiting,